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Drunk driver had invalid license

A Wadena man facing second degree DWI charges after causing a near head-on collision June 23 was also driving after his license was cancelled, according to court documents.

At approximately 11:13 p.m., police witnessed a vehicle traveling westbound on highway 10 swerve over the center line and nearly hit an eastbound vehicle.

When the drunk driver, 49-year-old Mark Roger Langer, was pulled over by police, they detected an odor of alcohol on his breath. Langer admitted to have had "a few" alcoholic drinks.

When asked if he had a valid driver's license, Langer said he did not have it on his person. Officers then ran a check on Langer's driving record, which revealed four prior DWIs as well as the cancellation of his license since April of 2009, court records said.

Additionally, Langer failed all field sobriety tests and gave a PBT result of .250 alcohol concentration.

While performing an inventory search of Langer's vehicle, officers found two empty beer cans and a pipe packed with a green, leafy substance. Langer was transported to Wadena County Jail, where he expressed his want for an attorney.

In addition to Langer's driving convictions from April 2009, he has DWI convictions from October 1983, December 1985 and May 1988. Langer's license was previously cancelled from June 1988 to April 2002.