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Police Scanner

June 19

•A lightning strike started a pole barn on fire. The Sebeka Fire Department extinguished the fire. The barn contained hay, an old engine and an old transmission. The hay was completely destroyed.

June 20

•A woman who said she was sexually assaulted six weeks earlier and tried to report it, told police her attacker admitted the assault to her roommate.

•A woman reported her juvenile son as a runaway. Police located the boy and turned him over to his mother. The boy is supposed to take medication, but refuses. He was also suspected of taking a large sum of money from his grandparents. A small portion of the money was recovered. The grandparents did not press charges.

•Police responded to an open door at the Wadena-Deer Creek secondary school and found two painters spraying ceilings in the building. The painters said they had been working all night.

June 21

•Four vehicles pulled into a lot, and a large group of people began removing items from one of the vehicles and placing them in the other three. The complainant said the items they were removing appeared to be cases of alcohol.

•A rural mail carrier received puncture wounds after being bitten by a dog. The carrier was treated at the hospital in Park Rapids. Police contacted the owner of the dog and explained the 10-day quarantine process to him. The owner signed the appropriate forms and told the police the dog was up on its shots.

•A caller reported receiving phone calls and messages from "FBI Customer Support." The caller had been told that due to some recent break-ins in the neighborhood they wished to put a home monitor or alarm system in the home. They left a number to call. Police advised the woman not to answer the phone if the number appeared on her caller ID. The woman said she had not been threatened. She said the caller claimed the local law enforcement agency had asked them to contact her. She was told this was not true and asked to report the problem if it continued.

June 22

•An elderly woman was reported walking within two feet of a train passing through Wadena. The train engineer reported it was the second time in four weeks she had passed so close to the train.

•A woman reported a man for an Order for Protection (OFP) violation. The man had entered Walmart when she was shopping there. He did not initiate contact, and the woman was informed that since the meeting took place in a public place, the man was entitled to be there.

•A man who made suicidal comments was later reported missing. The man was reported to have a female friend in Wadena. The information was passed on to the Staples Police Department.

•A bridge on State Highway 227, just north of County Road 23, was vandalized with profanities and the complainant's phone number and name. Police investigated and took pictures of two bridges. The highway department was contacted, so they could paint over the damage.

•A caller reported hearing a party was going to be held at his rental property. He told police he believed minors would probably be at the party.

•A man and woman were reported to be having an argument in an access off County Road 15 by the Mary Brown Bridge. A description of their vehicles was given to police and two officers went to the park lot by the bridge and looked at the damage done by one of the vehicles as it left the vicinity. The vehicle was located at a large family gathering. The owner of the vehicle was pointed out to officers, but he denied being at the scene of the argument. He said his girlfriend was at the scene smoking and he did not like it when she smoked. He was informed both of their vehicles were reported to be at the access and they had been seen arguing. The woman said they were arguing over her cheating on him in the past. She said the fight was only a verbal one. The mother of the man said she would take care of the matter and call the police if there were any further problems. The man was told to clean the access up with a rake the following morning.

June 23

•A woman called at 1:25 a.m. to report loud music rattling her windows.

•A woman reported the theft of a load of clothes she was washing at a laundromat.

•A cash register till was missing from the T&M Gas Station in Sebeka. The theft was investigated, and evidence was retrieved at the scene. Police planned to contact a suspect.

•Water patrol spoke with several boaters on Duck Lake about having personal floatation devices out and available and not in storage compartments.

•A man who was reported driving on the wrong side of the road told police he was doing so because the road was so rough.

June 24

•A caller said she found a black Labrador retriever wearing a tag and a chip inserted under the skin, which provided information about the dog. She contacted the chip company and was only able to discover the dog was from Park Rapids. The chip company told the woman they reached an answering machine when they attempted to contact the owners. The dog was taken to the Wadena pound.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.