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Possible high magnesium in northwest Wadena water

Water issues in a northwest Wadena neighborhood were brought up during the city council's regular June 12 meeting.

Kerry West of northwest Wadena said his water quality is terrible, and he sent a sample to the city.

"If I make a pot of coffee, it's got slime," he said.

Light and Water Supervisor Dave Evans said the problem may lie with calcium and other minerals in hard water, and the city does not soften municipal water for residents.

When West added that his water has high levels of magnesium, Evans said that shouldn't be the case.

West said he talked to doctors and nurses, and while it isn't a big health issue, he doesn't want his granddaughter drinking the water. He also said he has been buying drinking water and doesn't want to do his laundry with bad water.

"I will bring you a year's amount of samples for magnesium," Evans said. "We'll pull a sample directly from your faucet and send it in."

West added that his neighbors are having similar problems with their water.

Mayor Wayne Wolden and council members ended the discussion by thanking West for bringing up the issue.