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City mulls over DEED application for wellness center

The Wadena city council passed a resolution in order to apply for a portion of Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) funds to pay for part of the Wadena Regional Health and Wellness Center project.

Council members looked over the application forms during a June 7 special meeting.

Although Wadena and other local projects were left out of the state of Minnesota's 2012 bonding bill, the bill included $47.5 million in funds allocated to DEED's discretion. Interested local projects must go through an application process and meet DEED's requirements to qualify for consideration.

Mayor Wayne Wolden said the council's request was down to $4.625 million instead of $4.75 million. A requirement for the grant was that the bonding would cover no more than 50 percent of project costs.

The total estimated cost of the wellness center is $10 million, and the city received $750,000 for planning in fall 2010. The figure of $4.625 million is half of the remaining $9.25 million.

The council looked over the application paperwork during the special meeting, and during the June 12 regular meeting, Wolden said they expect to have the application done by Monday, June 18 or Tuesday, June 19.

A note on the "Wadena Minnesota" Facebook page dated June 12 said the city is currently writing the grant, and asked area residents to help by writing letters of support for the project.

The deadline to turn in the grant application is Tuesday, June 26.