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Three arrested for fighting

Photo by Brian Hansel Faustine Draper is escorted to a Wadena County squad car by Wadena County Deputy Tim Stroeing Tuesday night in Wadena.

Dylan David Lapointe of Wadena was charged on four different counts of violence Tuesday after an altercation downtown.

Police officers found Lapointe and two other individuals, Faustine Effie Draper and Jack Kramer Allen, screaming at one another in the alley behind the Commercial Apartments, located on Jefferson Street. Witnesses in the apartment complex said the three people had been fighting before the officers arrived. Draper and Allen had hit each other.

Lapointe was Tased by one of the officers when he refused to surrender, and was then handcuffed, along with Draper and Allen. Draper later became combative with officers, and was placed in a hobble restraint system. Allen cooperated with officers. Tests revealed all three were intoxicated.

The charges preferred by the Wadena Police Department against Lapointe included domestic assault and obstructing the legal process, both gross misdemeanors, along with fifth degree assault and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. The Wadena County attorney will review the charges.

Lapointe was still in custody in the Wadena County jail Wednesday afternoon. He already has a violence-related conviction, domestic strangulation, from Aug. 27, 2008, in Morrison County.

Draper and Allen were charged with disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, and were released Wednesday.