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Police Scanner

May 15

•A burglar alarm brought two police officers to the People's Express on Highway 10. A break room door was open, but no one was found inside. The owner reset the alarm, but did not know immediately if any property was missing.

•A missing five-year-old was found riding a scooter.

•A woman was reported to be picking flowers and weeds at the Miracle Mansion in Wadena at dusk. The woman lived near the mansion, and was known to the police department. She was told to seek permission to pick flowers and weeds during the day.

May 16

•A caller reported receiving voice and text message threats from her estranged spouse. The spouse told the caller she was "evil" and she should be careful because he still owned a key to her apartment. When an officer attempted to contact the spouse, it was discovered the phone number was for a mental health clinic. The caller was told that an HRO or OFP might be her best option.

•A complainant reported a vehicle passing his home at a speed estimated at 90 miles per hour every morning between 8 and 8:10 a.m. The vehicle passed several cars at a time and almost hit his wife's vehicle. The police were provided with the plate number and the current location of the vehicle. The complainant gave deputies permission to park on his property and use radar to identify the driver of the speeding vehicle. A deputy operated radar from the property from 7:55 to 8:45 a.m. and issued a citation to a driver going 70 in a 55-mile per hour zone.

•A woman who inadvertently left her purse in a shopping cart at Walmart reported $600 was missing from the purse. An employee informed police the person who returned the purse was still in the store and asked for an officer.

•A caller reported that he thought someone had been in his home again during the night and taken just under $100 out of a billfold in his pants pocket. He said he thought he heard noises, but did not get up to check. He later reported finding a green bandana, along with a dozen one dollar bills in a wood pile a short distance from his house, and believed it belonged to him. He also reported a computer stolen from his home. He did not know the model, but he gave police the serial number. He was told to begin locking all of his doors.

•A man mowing a road ditch was threatened by his neighbor, who chased him out of the ditch, saying that the property belonged to him. The man doing the mowing acknowledged the ditch belonged to the township. He was mowing the ditch because he wanted to plant flowers. Both parties were told not to do anything in the ditch until they received permission.

May 17

•A cattle owner went through his records to confirm he was missing stock and reported that 102 head were missing. He said the cattle were lost over a two-year period of time, but he did not believe they had been stolen.

•A person complained that a driver in a red Ford pickup had driven up next to his vehicle and yelled at him. He was driving about 50 miles per hour because he had cardboard boxes in the back of his truck and thought other drivers would just pass him.

May 18

•An automatic message display on a telephone informed a woman she had won a million dollars. The automatic message was identified as originating in Wadena, and was determined to be an automated scam.

•A tractor fire ignited one acre of grass/hay. The tractor sustained heavy damage.

•A caller reported that her father was threatening to shoot her mother and himself. The mother called a few minutes later and said her husband had a self-inflicted gunshot wound but was conscious and walking around. Six personnel from the Wadena County Sheriff's Office, the Menahga First Responders and Tri-County Ambulance went to the scene. The scene was processed for evidence.

•A complainant told police his brother stole a front end loader from his property and took it to Pete's Nursery, where it was loaded on a truck.

•A 911 call from a cell phone left no call-back number. An officer could hear a faint whisper, but was not able to get any response from the caller. The caller was asked if they were at a residence and to hit a key on the phone to respond. The call was traced, and an officer spoke with a female tenant who said that everything was fine.

May 19

•Cass County received a call from a person who said that a 29-year-old female was unresponsive and without a pulse after drinking and throwing up blood. The caller did not know his exact location, and dispatch was unable to locate the caller due to poor cell phone reception until he walked to a spot where he could make another call. Wadena County assisted a Staples ambulance on the scene. Another ambulance had to be pulled out of mud by a towing service due to rain.

May 20

•A boy 8 to 10 years old was reported to be alternating between sitting and lying down next to the edge of a lane of traffic. The caller spoke with the boy and told him to go home. The boy was gone when an officer arrived. The caller reported the boy's mother picked him up.

•A woman reported her brother showed up at her residence a couple of times. He was intoxicated and ranting about their mother's property that was still at the woman's residence. The woman had kicked the mother out of the residence. The woman said she thought she had an OFP or HRO against her brother, but none was located. She was told to obtain an OFP against her brother if he continues to be a problem.

•A caller reported an individual had been driving erratically past their residence in a loud vehicle. An older individual became belligerent and rude when the complainant went to check on sounds of screaming, hooting and hollering and found a large group of people and several vehicles on a minimum maintenance road. One of the vehicles was stuck in the mud.

•An officer investigated and found a locked vehicle parked on the side of the road. No loud gathering could be heard. The minimum maintenance road became very muddy, and the officer had to turn back.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.