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Living History: Monument made ready for Memorial Day

PJ file photo Members of the Wadena VFW stand in front of the monument at the cemetery in this photo from the May 19, 1987 Pioneer Journal. From left, Ted Fischer, Ken McLeod, Cy Dockendorf, Chuck Sartell, Bob Gorghuber, Oliver Putikka and Art Vierkant.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the May 17, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Butt out: Smoking banned from bars

Wadena VFW ash trays will soon be empty, and sitting down for a smoke and a cup of coffee at Boondock's Cafe will be a thing of the past, after a statewide smoking ban cleared the Legislature Friday.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced he would sign the "Freedom to Breathe Act," which bans smoking in nearly all public workplaces, into law Wednesday morning.

• Still Cozy with three screens

Three movies - "Shrek the Third," "Fracture" and "Spider-Man 3" - will light up the marquee of the Cozy Theatre in downtown Wadena when a new screen opens this Friday. The suspense thriller "Fracture" will show on the new screen.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the May 23, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• 'Star Wars' brings long lines

Around 11 a.m. May 15, a small group of students plopped themselves in front of The Cozy Theatre in anticipation of the midnight showing of "Star Wars Episode II."

"My parents wouldn't let me go to the midnight showing for the last movie," Wadena-Deer Creek senior Morgan Moenkedick said. "I was the first one in line today. I'm not missing it this time."

For skipping school to sit in front of The Cozy, four students were given detention.

• Honor society will end after 53-year reign

Wadena-Deer Creek School Board voted 3-1 to eliminate National Honor Society, a group that has been at the school since 1949.

A committee of parents, [Jan] Nelson and [Dick] Rhoades were appointed earlier this school year to make the selection process more objective after parents complained that favoritism was at play in selecting members.

"No teacher at WDC would blackball a student," Nelson said.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the May 19, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Newly completed project sets stage for Memorial Day ceremonies

Wadena's Memorial Day ceremonies Monday, May 25, will take on added significance with the completion of a unique memorial project designed and constructed by Chuck Sartell with assistance from local veterans groups.

Sartell, a veteran of World War II, initiated the project here after attending his younger brother's funeral about seven years ago in Oklahoma. He indicated he was impressed by the neat spot where military rites were observed for his brother and felt it would be an appropriate location near the Wadena mausoleum and large cannon to construct such a memorial, where services could be conducted for both veterans and non-veterans.

• From Business Bits by Greg Collins

I would also like to urge everyone to be on their best behavior on May 22 as 20 staff members of Minnesota's Travel Information Centers will make a stop in Wadena. They will meet with Chamber and other city officials at Sunnybrook Park at 8:30 a.m. and after a short meeting will take a tour of the city and collect information for potential tourists.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the May 18, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• 240 students to graduate from WATI

Two hundred forty students will participate in the Wadena Area Technical Institute Commencement exercises in Memorial Auditorium, Thursday, May 25. The program will begin at 8 p.m. with Rev. Rodney W. Riese giving the invocation.

Theodore H. Tofte, retiring Superintendent of Wadena Public Schools, will deliver the commencement address.

• From Shady Lane News Notes by Ethelyn Pearson

With the last week being quite sunny and warm, many people who hadn't been out under the sky since last fall were taken for walks and wheelchair rides. Grass, buds on the trees, the good smell in the air, were all appreciated and commented upon: things most of us give only a quick glance on our way to other activities... so really important that we'll have forgotten what they were in a month.

New residents since the last writing are Bertha Bower, Otto Petrie from Long Prairie, Ray Perkins of Bertha, Mrs. Marie Skon and Mrs. Arvidson, all of whom we are sure will be fine additions to our big family that now numbers one-hundred and six, which is our capacity.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the May 22, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• LOL Creamery controversy to come before federal court

The status of the closed dry milk plant in Sebeka will be argued in federal court before Judge Nordby in Fergus Falls next week, the date having been tentatively set for Monday, May 26. Taxes have been delinquent since the year 1945, and although the county once offered a compromise solution for settlement to Land O'Lakes, there was no response, hence the tax lien.

• Rites held Friday morning for Monsignor A. Plachta

One of the largest services ever to be conducted in Wadena was conducted Friday morning when rites were held for Monsignor August Plachta, V.F., pastor of St. Ann's church, who died suddenly of a heart ailment on Sunday, May 11.

The sermon was delivered by Bishop Busch, and interment was made in the Catholic cemetery at Wadena.