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Wadena man faces threats, assault charges

A man from Wadena faces one count of felony terroristic threats and a one fifth degree assault charge after a May 7 domestic dispute.

At approximately 10:10 p.m. officers were advised of an assault at a Wadena residence, according to court documents. Upon arriving at the scene, the officers were met by the owner of the residence, who said he had been leasing the property to a woman and three other people. The primary tenant moved out a week before, but one of the other tenants made an agreement to stay one more week in exchange for cleaning the inside of the house, the documents said.

The landlord added that he stopped by to see the progress of the move and was confronted by the woman, who allegedly was included on the lease, about stealing tools that had belonged to her father. According to court documents, the landowner called the woman a profane name and told her to "back off," as she approached him.

Immediately after, Dylan David LaPointe, 22, jumped over the couch and got in between the two. The suspect shoved the landlord who fell backward. Court records said LaPointe also kicked the victim and repeatedly threatened to kill him. Another friend of the suspect came in between the two men, long enough for the landowner to get to his feet.

The victim supposedly walked with a limp, but admitted that he injured his leg earlier in the day while doing farm work, court documents said. Additionally, the victim refused medical attention, and was adamant to pursue charges against LaPointe. A taped statement, taken from the witness at the residence, was consistent with the alleged victim's statement.

Records recount there was one difference in the two statements regarding the point the landlord entered the residence; she stated the landlord inappropriately grabbed the woman's breasts, which led to LaPointe's outburst.

LaPointe was arrested and taken to the Wadena County Jail, where he remains in custody. An omnibus hearing is scheduled for June 4.