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May 8

•A complainant informed police there was suspicious activity at the home of her ex-husband. Since he was in the hospital and the whereabouts of his wife was unknown, the complainant felt the activity should be checked. An officer spoke with the wife who said she had hired a man and a woman to do some indoor remodeling.

•A complainant reported two horses showed up in his corral. The complainant knew who the horses belonged to and tried to contact the owner a couple of times and had also left a message for the owner to pick up his stock. The complainant said he would be okay with watching and feeding the horses for a few more days. He was told that if he wanted to be reimbursed for feed and board, he could pursue the matter in civil court.

•A male subject was treated for a gunshot wound from a BB gun. He had been visiting his girlfriend at her father's place when one of her cousins accidently shot him in the forearm.

•A husband reported that his wife was intoxicated and that he refused to let her drive away from their home. Police found an adult female lying on the bathroom floor. A police officer said she had taken other medications. An ambulance was called and the woman was taken to an area emergency room.

May 9

•A caller informed police an 'old guy' had been hanging out on the tracks near the former Wadena Neighborhood Counseling business establishment for an hour.

•A caller informed police that he had a nice German Shepherd dog at his residence and would keep it leashed until an officer arrived.

•A complainant said three people violated an HRO she placed on them by talking to her kids.

•A Brainerd construction crew doing night construction work at McDonald's in Wadena prompted a noise complaint by a resident. After being contacted by an officer, they pulled their milling machine off the job and parked it off site. They also reduced the r.p.m. of the two utility loaders and sweeper they were using, which the complainant said reduced the noise level.

May 10

•A motorist reported that he almost hit a dog with his truck. He said the dog had tags with a phone number printed on them. The owners of the dog were located and the driver of the truck said he would drop the dog off at their address.

•A situation in the Burger King parking lot prompted a call to the police. Witnesses saw a heavy-set, middle-aged Native American man push a woman and then place his hands around her neck. The party making the complaint said the man and woman were driving a van and there were four people inside the vehicle.

•A 84-year-old man diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease was reported for taking both sets of keys away from his wife so she could not drive their car. When contacted by an officer, the husband gave the keys back and said his wife hid things from him so he could not find them.

•A caller reported a three-year-old playing outside with no adult supervision. The child's mother told the officer that she had numerous HROs on local residents in the complex where they lived.

•Offensive words were written in chalk on the sidewalk in front of the CyberCafe.

May 11

•A deputy noticed a black SUV parked in a field approach and noted the vehicle left quickly, after the deputy passed it. The deputy followed a trail to a rural residence and talked to two out-of-town males who said they had permission to be on the property. The daughter of the property owners was contacted and said the two had permission to be on the property. The property owners could not be reached. The men said they had driven 150 miles to work on a car which was on the premises. An old Ford truck at the residence was identified as belonging to one of the men. The two men were photographed using the squad car's camera.

•A truancy issue was reported by a Wadena-Deer Creek elementary teacher who advised police a male student was hiding in a fort, possibly at Tapley Park. A school counselor left a message regarding the truancy process, which is to contact Social Services, regarding parental neglect issues. A search for the student was carried out at both Tapley Park and the Wadena Recreation Complex, but the student was not found.

•A complainant at Bell Hill Recovery Center reported finding a pool table and a couch while doing a perimeter check of the property. Tracks were also found. A staff member stated the pool table and couch had been dumped the night of May 10. Photos were taken of the tire tracks and the property.

•A caller reported another driver slammed on their brakes and was not allowing her to pass. The other driver was stopped and said the complainant had been tail-gating. She added that the complainant had given her the "finger" when she passed her.

•A cell phone was reported to be missing from the backpack of a Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary student. The backpack had been left in a locker.

May 12

•A complainant reported hearing a loud bang, like a shotgun going off, and found a plastic bottle in her back yard that exploded. An officer spoke with the complainant in reference to a "Works Bomb" going off. The officer who responded to the call was shown the bottle with residue inside and burnt tinfoil around the bottle. It was unknown who or why someone would have exploded the bomb on the property.

May 13

•Individuals camping at Cottingham Park were reported for leaving a mess at their campsite. The suspects could not be reached by phone. A deputy contacted the person who signed the park ticket and he said he cleaned up his mess. He was told to go back to the park and pick up all of the garbage, which included a half-burned chair, or he would be charged. He said he would take care of the matter.

•A camping party left their campsite at Frame's Landing for a few hours, and when they returned, their property had been stolen.

•A police officer from a nearby town reported two drunk men using profanity at the Los Jalapenos restaurant in Wadena. Both men were wearing dark clothing, had shaved heads and one was wearing jeans that were ripped all the way up to his underwear.

•A caller said that a man had left her residence on a black bicycle, wearing a black "You Suck" t-shirt and blue jeans after telling her he was going to go and get drunk.

May 14

•Burlington Northern-Santa Fe crew members reported a man wearing a yellow-striped shirt, blue jeans, a green jacket and a baseball hat was causing problems and getting very close to the tracks. The man told them he had permission to be there.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.