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Does Your Ego Hold You Back?

How much do you miss out on because your ego gets in the way? Once again, this blog serves as my confessional as I tell you that there have been times when I've not done things because I thought I'd look less than competent. Protecting my ego with a blanket of fear, I've let opportunities for fun, for advancement, and for various challenges pass on by. Usually I've regretted it after the fact.

I've posted before about pushing through fear and ambiguity. At the heart of much of our fear is not the fear of the activity itself, but a sense that our ego will be bruised somehow.

The interesting thing is that when we push through the fear and set our ego to the side, we're still able to get through the event and often end up having a great experience.

Afraid you'll look foolish when presenting? People are usually impressed that you got up in front of a roomful of people and were able to get through it.

Think you'll look silly trying a new activity during a team-building event? Everyone looks the same as you and you'll get to know your coworkers better in the process.

Does the prospect of taking on a new role leave you thinking that it might make you look less competent? It's not a promotion if it doesn't scare you.

On occasion our egos serve us well, giving us the confidence to do things that maybe we wouldn't otherwise do. But when it gets in the way of diving into new activities, it's time to, once again, tell the ego where to go.

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