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County Engineer Odden clarifies CR 160 construction project

At the May 8 Wadena County Board meeting, County Engineer Ryan Odden told commissioners he received numerous calls, questions and comments about the scope of the county's upcoming road construction project on County Road 160.

Odden told commissioners the project will be 1.5 miles long, and will begin at the intersection of CSAH 30 and CSAH 2, going north to McGivern Park and ending at the intersection with 130th Street.

"We will be installing new centerline culverts, reclaiming the bituminous surface, adding new class 5 base with base stabilization and [applying] a new bituminous surface," Odden said. "We will be having two three-foot paved shoulders. We will not be doing a full grading project on this road, building an off-road bike trail, eliminating any entrances or adding any turn lanes."

The project is scheduled to be bid in June, with construction taking place in the fall of 2012.

Odden also told the board he would like to add $7,000 to the estimated cost of the project in order to include the last 500 feet of the road, just north of 130th Street, extending partway to the county's public boat access ramp in McGivern Park. The 500-foot section of road through the county park belongs to Thomastown Township. Odden added that he talked to township officials about sharing the cost of the project, and they were discussing the possibility.

Commissioners disagreed about extending the project into McGivern Park. More specifically, commissioners Dave Hillukka and Rodney Bounds were concerned about setting a precedent by doing work on a township road, while Commissioner Bill Stearns said the action made sense, considering the road was located in a county park and was heavily used during the summer months by people going to the boat ramp, using the shooting range, traveling to the country club and camping in the park.

No action was taken on Odden's request to include the extra 500 feet.