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Rick Nolan endorsed

Eighth District DFL Convention delegates voted overwhelmingly May 5 to make former Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan of Crosby their standard bearer in the fall race against Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Official convention vote totals were as follows: Rick Nolan 133 (76%), Jeff Anderson 17.5 (10%), Tarryl Clark 0 (0%), Undecided 3 (0.1%), and No Endorsement 21.5 (12%). Total Ballots 175.

Nolan, who entered the race last summer declaring that unsustainable wars, debt and unemployment have put America at a perilous tipping point, received the endorsement on the first ballot with 76 percent of the vote following a speech focusing on a renewed vision for Congress, reinvestment in America's infrastructure and an end to the "right wing wars on workers, women, seniors, students and the middle class."

In prepared remarks to the convention, Nolan called for reform of the nation's political system. "We need to change the way we do our politics, reversing Citizens United and Super PACs, ending corporate personhood and providing public funding for federal elections. Once and for all, we need to put an end to the stranglehold big money and special interests (we) have on our politics."

In his convention speech, Nolan also called for: "Stabilizing and protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; ending the wars of choice, reducing our military footprint in the world and withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan now; fair taxation that ends the Bush tax cuts and closes tax loop holes for the super rich; and establishing single-payer, universal health care."

Nolan said those things combined could "save trillions for deficit reduction and human development priorities."