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May 1

•A caller reported that a car parked on a street on the northwest side of Wadena had North Dakota plates. The vehicle has been in Minnesota more than a month, and the caller was concerned the title and registration had not been changed.

•A nurse from Tri-County Hospital called requesting an officer come by and speak with a doctor. The nurse would not give any information, herself or which doctor it was or what had happened.

•An adult female at St. Joe's Area Health Services in Park Rapids claimed she was sexually assaulted in Huntersville over the weekend.

May 2

•A complainant said about 10 drunk teenage boys were at her house and wanted them to leave.

•A caller reported that an intoxicated female at Sunnybrook Park asked for directions to the liquor store, then left on foot. As she was crossing a bridge, she almost fell into the water. She was later located asleep in a pup tent on the far end of North Sunnybrook with another female. The pair had been camping in Menahga earlier in the day, but one of them had to be transported to Wadena by ambulance, due to a medical condition that needed treatment. The Menahga police department transported her friend to Wadena so that her. The two campers, who said they were leaving for Rhode Island by bus the following day, were told that as long as they didn't bother anyone or cause problems, they were fine for the night.

•Police were asked to remove an unwanted male party from a residence on the south side of Wadena. The male party had been drinking, and was reported as being stubborn. After talking with an officer, the man left the premises and was advised not to return.

•An anonymous complaint was given regarding an individual having large amounts of copper on his premises. An officer spoke with the individual, who provided a receipt regarding the load in question. There was a minimal amount of copper on the load, but 960 pounds of prepared iron and 620 pounds of miscellaneous iron. The individual also had a check for the load.

May 3

•A complainant said someone is stealing cattle from his feed lot, and he believed 10 had been taken this year. He also thought it may have been going on for years.

•A complainant said he fought with his 17-year-old son and admitted he hit him in the ribs. He asked a deputy to remove his son from the residence until he learned some respect.

•Two items were spray painted on playground equipment. Both were photographed, and the janitorial staff indicated they would take care of cleaning the equipment. No shoe prints could be found in the play area.

May 4

•The Grant County Sheriff made a request to speak to an officer regarding prescription thefts at the Wadena-Deer Creek High School construction site.

•A complainant said a man wearing blue jeans, a flannel shirt and dark shirt was trying to sell food stamps, an EBT card and prescription drugs to customers getting into their vehicles at a Wadena Gas Station. The man was also standing in the lane of traffic on Highway 71, waving his arms around.

•A complainant said her ex-husband was in her residence, and was not wanted there. Even though his name was not on the rental agreement he did not believe he had to leave. His ex-wife reportedly contacted the landlord and had her husband omitted from the lease. The woman told an officer her ex-husband had been residing there for some time, even though it had been her understanding that he would be leaving. The man left without incident, but was told he would be allowed to return and retrieve his personal belongings.

•A complainant stated that he resided with his girlfriend and teenage daughter at a Wadena apartment. At 12:30 a.m. he awoke and found the daughter sitting in the living room, talking with two younger males. They left, but said they intended to return. The complainant did not want them in the apartment, and said he would call the police if they returned.

•A woman, who was yelling and screaming at railroad workers, was reported to be running through traffic. She also entered the community center.

•A caller reported a back yard light came on, remained on for its normal cycle and then went off. The caller did not see or hear anything but stated that the light comes on if "they are screwing around in the area."

•A woman entered a Wadena gas station and stated that she would not be carrying any more bombs, once she goes underground. Other customers in the station looked frightened.

May 5

•Police were asked to remove an out-of-control, intoxicated adult female living with others in a Wadena residence.

•A caller reported his 19-year-old son was hollaring for help, but he did not know what kind of help he needed.

•A complainant said a man left The Uptown without paying the full amount of his tab. He also reportedly made a rude and lewd comment to a member of the staff, and was asked by another member of the staff to leave. He said he would wait until they were closed, and was told they were closing. The complainant said the man had given the business a signed check earlier in the day for another tab.

•A deputy assisted the Staples Police Department with a traffic stop of a vehicle carrying drugs. Another officer said he had found pills, mushrooms and marijuana in the car. He also said the driver threw something out of the window. A search of the area resulted in a pipe containing a substance that looked like meth residue.

May 6

•A complainant said two neighbors had eight dogs that were chasing their cattle. The dog owners were located in Cass County, and were informed about the possibility of charges in the future if the problem continued. While the officer was with the complainant, the dog pack returned to Wadena County and chased the cattle again. The dogs were recorded running back home by the officer, who also took a picture of two dogs in the pasture. The officer returned to see the owners and the dogs were put in their house for the night.

•A caller reported that her dogs were barking at someone attempting to get into her residence. She did not know who it was or how many other people were involved. She believed they were still outside her residence at an outdoor table.

•A city worker opening park shelters for the day found a young female sleeping inside a shelter at Tapley Park.

•A woman said she wanted to file a missing persons report on her brother. Family members had not heard from him for a day. The woman said it had been a couple of days since she had contact with him. He moved in with her after having troubles with his significant other. He was located at his girlfriend's home.

•A man asked for help for his girlfriend, who had smoked something earlier and was ill. The girlfriend did not know what she smoked, but was intimidated into trying it by an AA member who requested her help.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.