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Wadena Friends of the Library elect officers

Elections were held for The Friends of the Library and Wilma McGrath was voted president, Karen Wallgren vice-president, Sharon Boline secretary and Sharon Squier treasurer. The Friends of the Library is looking for new members and you can submit your membership application to the Wadena Library staff with your payment. A one year membership is $5 and a lifetime membership is $25.

The Friends of the Library (FOL) is a group of people who believe a public library is an important asset to the community. They are willing to work to enhance library service in their community. The FOL is a non-profit organization that is separate from the library, although members work closely with the library and the librarian. There are FOL organizations in most communities which have libraries.

Activities supported by the Wadena FOL include periodic book sales. Books sold are primarily donated by members of the public and in turn purchased by members of the public. Some of the books are surplus or outdated library books. Many of the books at the sale are recycled. People may buy books at one sale, then after having read and enjoyed them, donate them to be sold at the next book sale. Proceeds from the sale are used for various library programs. Most recently funds have been spent to help purchase additional computers for use by the public in the library. Providing computers for public use has become an increasingly important part of the library service. Library patrons not only use them for their personal word processing needs but to access information on the internet. Funds have also been used to support special library programs, such as Summer Reading Program and the Winter Reading Program. The weekly Storytelling sessions have also benefited from FOL funds. The next book sale will run May 9 through May 11 at Messiah Lutheran Church.

The FOL sponsors a book club which monthly to discuss a particular book. Books are furnished by the library so that members are able to belong without any cost to themselves. The only requirement for belonging is an interest in reading and discussing a wide variety of books! Any questions call Karen Wallgren at (218) 631-1970.