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Faribault man arrested after swerving on highway

Paul George Yankowiak, 45, of Faribault Minn., faces one gross misdemeanor as well as two misdemeanors after his vehicle was seen swerving on U.S. Highway 10 on April 24.

Court records said that at approximately 12:50 a.m., an officer noticed a car traveling westbound on Highway 10 that had swerved into the oncoming traffic lane for an extended amount of time. The vehicle was pulled over and when asked for a drivers' license and proof of insurance, Yankowiak could not provide an insurance document. The officer questioned Yankowiak as to why he was swerving and he claimed he had dropped a cigarette, court documents said. Yankowiak was sweating profusely and the smell of alcohol was present.

Court records said the officer then ran Yankowiak's license, which stated any use of drugs or alcohol would invalidate his license. Yankowiak refused any sort of PBT sample and was placed under arrest. According to court documents, his vehicle was towed to the Wadena Police Department where he still refused a breathalyzer.

Yankowiak's first court appearance is scheduled for May 14.