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Verndale man faces more domestic assault charges

A Verndale man with a pending domestic assault charge is facing two additional gross misdemeanor domestic assault charges.

Court records state that on April 25 at approximately 10 p.m. Wadena officers were called and assisted by Verndale police with a domestic assault claim.

The claim was made by Melvin Leonard Lindula's mother after several minors intended to leave the household in a vehicle with Lindula. Court documents said a heated argument ensued in the house between the children and mother, which led to Lindula, 21, emerging from the vehicle to confront her. Records said he allegedly hit her during the altercation. All the children were then asked to step out of the house at which time Lindula left the residence.

According to court records Lindula threatened residents of the home prior to the incident, and was no longer allowed in the home due to his temper. Because of his existing warrant for not appearing in court on another domestic assault charge and the most recent allegations, Lindula was arrested on April 27.

In an interview with authorities, Lindula at first denied being at the residence or threatening anybody. He then stated he suffers with substance abuse and impulsive thoughts, court documents said. Lindula said when he gets angry he could hurt someone and can't stop himself. He has done it in the past.

Court records show Lindula has had prior domestic violence-related offenses, like second degree criminal sexual conduct in February 2007 and a pending domestic charge with an offense date of Feb. 27.

Lindula's initial appearance is set for May 7.