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Speeder charged with DWI

A Wadena woman faces two felony DWI charges as well as a gross misdemeanor for violating restrictions placed on her driver's license.

Court records said on April 27 at approximately 1:10 a.m., a speeding vehicle was observed by a patrolling officer. The vehicle, driven by Joni Lee Schmitz, 37, also came to a stop sign, paused for an unusually long time and then proceeded to turn without use of a turn signal. Schmitz was pulled over and court documents stated alcohol was detected on her breath. When asked if she knew how fast she was going, Schmitz said she normally drives fast.

According to court records, Schmitz also was adamant that she had just gotten off work and had drunk only two drinks, but a PBT sample taken from Schmitz came back with results of .256 blood alcohol content. Documents state that upon running Schmitz' license, it was found that any use of drugs or alcohol would invalidate her license.

Schmitz also failed the field sobriety test.

Court records show prior impaired driving convictions in February 2006, April 2004 and May 2002.

Schmitz's initial appearance is set for May 7.