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Soldier extras

Courtesy of Perspective Films "Memorial Day," a film portraying the National Guard 34th Infantry Red Bulls, was screened at Camp Ripley last weekend.

A Minnesota independent film soon to be released depicts the National Guard 34th Infantry "Red Bulls" Division - and has 39 real Red Bull soldiers as extras and in small non-speaking roles.

"Memorial Day" was screened at Camp Ripley Saturday, April 14 and received a standing ovation, according to a press release.

It has been scheduled for film festivals around the country and will be released on BluRay, DVD and digital download on May 29.

The drama film parallels the experiences of a World War II veteran and those of his grandson who grows up to join the Red Bulls.

James Cromwell, known for roles like Clifton in "The Artist," and Farmer Hoggett in "Babe," portrays the World War II veteran Bud Vogel.

Director Sam Fischer said the film was also screened for the Red Bulls stationed in Kuwait.

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