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WDC school board approves billboard campaign

The Wadena-Deer Creek school board approved a billboard campaign to encourage enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year Monday at their April meeting.

With a brand-new secondary school just five months away from catering to students in grades 5-12, the board wants to put the word out as soon as possible. Billboard signs on Highway 10 west of Wadena and Highway 29 southwest of Wadena will sport pictures of the new secondary on Colfax Avenue. Open houses are set for Aug. 29. Classes begin Sept. 4.

The sign west of Wadena, near Evergreen Equipment, is a 10-6 x 22-9 footer that rents for $275 a month. Another $150 is needed to install and change the billboard sign.

WDC also intends to lease a spot on Highway 29 between Deer Creek and Wadena. Lamar Billboard will rent a 12 x 24 foot space for $135 on a minimum contract of one year.

A billboard east of Wadena on Highway 10 will be available in August. The sign west of Wadena on Highway 10 could be moved at that time.

The cost of the Highway 10 signs would be $3,600 while the Highway 29 sign would cost the district $2,340.

School board members also expressed an interest in seeing advertising done on Highway 71 both north and south of Wadena. The idea of approaching a landowner about allowing a billboard on their property was kicked around. The state must also grant permission before such a project can be undertaken.

In other board business:

• Cory Tumberg, a 2011 graduate of WDC was approved as the summer recreation coordinator in Wadena. Lance Wohlwend will handle that job in Deer Creek. Board chairman Steve Techam will take some of the driver training load off the district's three instructors. Techam, a retired teacher, taught driver's training in Verndale until last year.

• The board approved the hiring of four teachers for next year's kindergarten section. Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom noted that the 2012-2013 kindergarten class presently stands at 70 students. Last year at this time the district had 54 kindergartners. The district is presently looking for another first grade teacher for the coming school year.

• Business manager Nancy Ramler presented board members with a monthly financial report which was broken down into six categories - general fund, food service, community service, building construction, debt service and trust fund - and 13 sub-categories. The board asked Ramler for the report to give them a more detailed idea of the money flow. The board has to submit a preliminary budget to the state the 2012-2013 school by June.

• Dahlstrom informed board members that the secondary school's storm shelter project is under way with some landscaping work being done. The project is supported in part by a Homeland Security Grant. It will add a fourth gym floor to the school and will be built to withstand an EF-5 tornado. A maintenance shed must be removed before construction of the storm shelter addition can begin.