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Council discusses new city logo

The proposed Wadena city logos from Adventure Advertising generated a lot of comments, the majority of them to the effect that the city should stick with the present logo, according to City Administrator Brad Swenson and council members at the regular council meeting held April 10.

The funding for the branding campaign originated when the Initiative Foundation allocated money for the design team, and there was some left over. Of the $6,000 not covered by the Initiative Foundation grant, the rest was funded by the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Council member Don Niles said he didn't think they received the value they contracted for.

Council member Toby Pierce said they should have just gone with his suggestion a long time ago, "City of Parks."

Council member Jeanette Baymler said someone had suggested to her the slogan, "Friendly Wadena: Friendly and Unique."

The council also passed a motion to sign a construction management contract with Kraus-Anderson for the proposed Wadena Regional Health and Wellness Center, and if the project goes to bidding, to discuss and insist on more local contracting.

The concern was brought up that few local contractors got jobs with the school construction also managed by Kraus-Anderson.