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Sky Dance plant swap: how does it work?

The Sky Dance Plant Swap will place April 28, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Green Island in Wadena.

Interested participants may swap anything related to horticulture, gardening, farming, or foods ( plant cuttings, divisions, seeds, potted plants, house plants, natives, produce, gardening and agriculture books, cookbooks, canning jars, jam, honey, dried fruit, eggs, garden tools, buckets, pumps, fertilizer, labor trades, future goods, professional services,etc.)

Swappers make their own deals each on their own terms. Your belongings need to sit somewhere to be seen, so email or call very soon for your free, numbered, 8' space. You don't have to continually man your space if you don't want to. Just leave a note about what you want then go to the workshops or visit with friends.

You don't need to fill up your space, but if you feel you don't have enough then just share it with friends or request 1/2 space. Only if you can carry your things in your hand can you get-by without any space.

Parking is 200 feet away from the swap site, which is set-up on grass in a foot-traffic only area.

Come early enough to be fully set-up and ready by the 10 a.m. start. Experienced plant swappers tell tales that most of the swaps occur in the first hour.

Finally, if you are only bringing what you can walk with in your hand then you won't need a space.

Bring everything you need to have a workable space. For some that may only be plants, seeds, and a lawn chair, but for others it could be tables, chairs, umbrellas, bags, tags, markers, newspaper, labels, a cooler, printed instructions, etc.

Finally, please strike between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. because your belongings won't be watered or watched afterward.

If you have nothing to swap, then you can offer your labor, your skills or even cash.

Green Island is a green space located on the north edge of Wadena just off from Highway 71. Turn east directly opposite from the old Pamida store. Look for the green flags.

Email or call (218) 631-3084 to hold a place at the swap.