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Compass can give you a direction

Have you ever been lost in the woods in the days before Global Positioning Systems to tell you exactly where you are at and how to get out? Let's say you are lost in the woods and it is a cloudy, sunless day. You don't have a clue where you are or how to get out. It can get pretty scary, especially if you are alone. What would you do? Some would start yelling, some would pray, and some would just sit down and do nothing. But if you had a compass and knew how to read it, you could at least start heading in a direction and not go around in circles.

The other day, things happened early in my day so I was not able to get my exercising in until mid morning. As I was on the elliptical machine I was watching a little television trying to get my mind off how much I hate exercising. "The View" was on and even though it is a popular show, I had never watched it before. I thought it was amusing. I noticed how they talk around issues back and forth between the five host ladies. Sometimes it gets quite heated between them. Oftentimes they would have insightful things to say, at other times they sounded less then intelligent. Often though, they gave good food for thought for the viewer.

The only problem was no one had a compass. With a compass, at least you know which way is north. Their view was always focused on their sense of what was right or wrong without a true compass to guide them. Since they had no compass, sometimes they truly were "lost in the woods." Some would just yell louder them the rest of them. Others would keep going around and around in circles. Still others would merely observe what was going on about them. And of course, no one prayed.

So much of the discussion today is based on people's own view without a true consideration for the view of He who created us in the first place. Therefore, we are lost in the woods. People may look to history to guide them, or to the opinions of wise sages of the past and present. They may look at what makes the most money as their guide or even what helps the most people in their opinion. They may look to government as a gauge for their value system or they may follow their emotions, what they "feel" is right on the subject.

I am of the firm belief that God did not just put us here in the woods and say, "Find your way out on your own, but if you can't, you are in real trouble." I believe He has given us a compass, a guide, a standard for living in this world and the next. First Peter 1:3 says, "... His Divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness." He has given us direction for all things. God has given us His "view." He has given us directions to get out of terrible messes even if we stubbornly and rebelliously got into them in the first place.

I can spout off my view all I want but really it may not be any better then your view. There is only One who can speak with true authority and absolute wisdom and truth about the issues of life and that is God Himself. I believe He has the answers for the complex issues we face today if we would humbly and diligently seek Him.