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Taking a cruise without ever leaving shore

Photo by Ethelyn Pearson Captain Roberta Cline, administrator

What a week this has been at Fair Oaks Lodge, the last week before new owners take over. This is the week, you recall, we are going to Hawaii by proxy. What fun!

Port holes showing blue water and waves line our long halls, with windows filled with gorgeous flowers in all the windows. Even a few palm trees, taller than we are, grow here and there.

The chapel sports a beach, complete with a sparkling sea. Palm trees prove to be the perfect background for each one of our party folks decked out in colorful shirts, leis in several colors, and floppy straw hats. Smiles? You bet, lots of them! Our photographers are fantastic, knowing how to get the best side of each one of us.

Our ship, the tour boat, was the "Never Too Old," chosen by Lorraine Broil. Captain Roberta Cline, administrator, welcomed the travelers aboard and introduced the staff.

The special day, with the captains dinner and program took place on Wednesday. Tables sported red tablecloths and center pieces depicting a beach with shells and birds.

Remarks overheard during the dinner hour were things like, "This is better than takin' the real trip." "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii." "This is fun, do you suppose we will get to do this again?" "The nurses are having fun, too."

The captain's dinner happened on Wednesday with a choice of glazed ham or roast chicken along with a baked potato, seven-layer salad, and strawberry short cake as well as other dishes. The kitchen staff, dressed in white coats, paraded through the dining room in a congo line, waving dish towels. It was fun, all smiles, without an ache nor a pain among the diners at that particular moment.

A hilarious program followed. Several lively piano numbers were played by staff. Each department contributed a fun-filled piece to the program. Grass-skirted nurses shimmied to a wild record, the activities department put on a humorous skit, there was a solo as well as a flute duet, also by staff. A delicious fruit-bowl lunch along with punch followed.

On Thursday there will be a Hawaiian film while on Friday the Motley Vagabonds will round out what has been a memorable fun-filled week.