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April 2

• A Wadena woman was afraid she was being stalked after receiving a suspicious card in the mail requesting a date. The card followed an email which she received April 1 by an unknown party. The card contained a photo of a cat on the cover and an older man she did not recognize on the inside. The man was wearing a plaid leisure suit, a large gold medallion in the shape of a dollar sign on his exposed chest, a cigar in his left hand and a beverage with a straw in his right hand. The return address on the card was "Izzy Foolingu." On April 4 the woman reported that a friend had confessed to sending the card - but only as a joke.

April 5

• A bicyclist attempting to beat the light at the junction of U.S. Highways 10 and 71 in Wadena struck a southbound car and fell over into the crosswalk. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop. The bicyclist suffered a bruised leg but was not seriously injured. The license number of the vehicle reported by the bicyclist's mother led police to question a couple. It was determined that they were not involved but that did have a vehicle similar to the one which the bicyclist hit. Another witness came forward with information that supported the story that an older couple was in the suspected vehicle.

April 11

• An officer responded to an alarm at a Wadena business and found it had been triggered by a large bird hitting a window.

• A pickup's loud exhaust led police to a vehicle occupied by five people that was traveling down alley ways in Wadena. It was noticed that an empty beer can and a cooler were in the bed of the pickup. An odor of alcohol was coming from the vehicle. All five of the occupants were under 21 but only three of the five were cited for minor consumption.

• A complainant stated he had been stabbed in the back with a butcher knife by a person who then cut themselves repeatedly. Both people were taken to the hospital.

April 14

• A caller reported an irate person knocking at the door of a city residence. The caller reported the person had left the residence. He was located by police and told them that he was upset because of an argument he had been having with his girlfriend. The girlfriend had been drinking with several of her friends while he was trying to sleep. After returning from a trip to a gas station, he returned to the residence to find that the group had left.

• A vehicle that kept hitting the shoulder of the road eventually pulled over and stopped. When officers spoke with the driver the erratic driving had been caused by a bee in the car.

• A caller reported that a smaller-type car was trespassing on her property and had cut her fence. Another phone call came in later from the caller's mother who said a guy was at their home and thought her daughter was in danger.

• A husband texted his wife that he could not go on. His wife told police he had never sent such a message before and that she did not believe he was armed. A search ensued and several locations were checked but without result.

• A complainant stated some of his neighbors had been shooting guns all day and he had heard three long explosions. He was afraid of a fire so he asked to speak to a deputy.

April 15

• An employee was asked by management to see if a co-worker could report to work early because another staff member had gone to the hospital. He could not reach her on the telephone so he went to her home, where her husband answered the door holding a black, rifle-style gun. The barrel of the gun was pointed in a safe direction. The husband told the employee he would give his wife the message but also told him "now get the hell off my property." The employee was not threatened by the husband but he wanted officers to speak to the husband. The husband said he has a distaste for the employee because he has a history of trying to get his wife to fill his work shift. The rifle-style gun in question was a pellet gun which the husband had been cleaning. The husband was apologetic and said he would think before answering the door again in such a fashion.

April 16

• A caller stated that she was stuck inside a house and could not escape. She told the police where she was but when an officer investigated he could not find her. After making contact with her grandson, the officer found that he was at another address. The woman was located and the door, which had swelled up during the night due to the heavy rainfall, was forced open.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.