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Living History

5 years ago

Excerpts from the April 19, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Pet food scare not quite over yet

Recent media reports indicated that some pet food stores still carry recalled brands of contaminated pet food. Fifty-three dog and cat food brands were involved in the recall including popular names such as Eukanuba, Iams, Mighty Dog and Ol' Roy US.

According to Wadena pet food stores, local cat and dog owners don't have to worry about the contaminated food harming their furry friends.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the April 25, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• Oberstar visits Wadena

Wadena will be under new representation from the state because of new state redistricting.

Rep. Jim Oberstar came to Wadena to introduce himself and speak about issues of concern to city business people Monday at The Uptown. The main topic of discussion was public transportation. Education and economic development were also discussed.

"Commuter rail is the best way to go," Oberstar said. "There's really no room to accommodate traffic without taking out valuable farmland to widen highways."

• Sheriff's department to get car cameras

New car cameras will be seen in Wadena County Sheriff's deputy patrol cats in the near future.

The county received an $8,000 grant from the state for agreeing to track all traffic stops for one year. The sheriff's department will get two new cameras to place in its cars. This is possible because the state agreed to do a yearlong study tracking racial profiling across the state.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the April 21, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• DNR, Wadena, area fire crews fight 400-acre Leaf River blaze

Three major grass and brush fires were reported Saturday afternoon occurring within hours of each other in the Wadena county area.

The three fires burned over a large number of acres of grass, forest and brushlands in Leaf River, Orton and Huntersville townships in Wadena county and in Ansel township, Cass county near the Baudoura Nursery swept by 40 mile per hour winds with temperatures in the mid-80s.

• Veteran mushroom hunter's heartbeat quickens with mention of 'morels'

While many of us are still trying to shake off the pounds we gained by eating luscious food during Easter, one of the most highly prized foods on earth along with truffles and caviar is the morel mushroom that will begin to make its appearance here in the next 10 days if we get warm, gentle rains and some humid nights.

Mention the word "morel" (Morchella) and you'll find a lot of local people tense up; others will remain totally silent as to whether or not to don a camouflaged outfit, put on their hunting boots, strike out for parts unknown to pick this edible fungi.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the April 20, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• $6,751 is average family income here

Average family income was $6,751 in Wadena County in 1969, compared with $9,931 for the state, according to a report on the 1970 census by the Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Commerce. Per capita income for the county amounted to $2,105, the report shows.

• A pair of bear

A pair of bear seemingly are content with their new home at Bud Hansen's Zoo north of Wadena. Hansen asks the public's cooperation in waiting for the announcement of the opening of his zoo later this spring. The announcement of the opening will be made in the Journal. The Hansens have been swamped with calls concerning the zoo's opening.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the April 24, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• Home isn't far away - even in Korea!

Pfc. Dick Marberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Si Marberg of Wadena, who arrived in Korea Easter morning as a replacement, ate his first breakfast at Yongdungpo, a suburb of Seoul. Among other things served at the first breakfast were eggs. A glance at the shipping label on the egg crate revealed they were from the Cudahy Packing Co., Wadena. Home didn't seem so far away.

• Wadena County's newest bridge

Work on the Mary Brown bridge, which is on County Aid Road 102, on a line between Shell River and Menahga townships, is progressing satisfactorily. If the present schedule is maintained, it is expected the new structure will be in use about June 1, according to County Highway Engineer, Bob Novotny.

The bridge was scheduled to have been built by the WPA in the early '40s, but when the WPA program was dropped, nothing was done towards the construction, although the steel for it was on the site. On Feb. 18, this year, the county took over the project and work was started with Oscar Sorum, superintendent of the building.