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Charges filed after distress call

Charges were filed against two men and another was taken into custody after a distress call of threats made at a Wadena residence March 16.

According to court documents, authorities were called to a residence where they found four men who were apparently having a heated argument.

Police believe some of the men at the residence had come to the home to force their way inside and wanted to talk to a man they believed was at the apartment, according to court documents.

When law enforcement officers arrived, they immediately recognized one man as someone with an active warrant, and took him into custody. As they questioned three other men there about what was going on, one of the men was acting "fidgety" and police believed he was on drugs, which would violate his probation. They patted down the man, Andrew William Goeden, and allegedly found a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine. Goeden was tested for drugs at the Wadena County Jail, and allegedly tested positive for meth and marijuana.

Authorities also observed a large bong at the residence and questioned Brian Lee Hall, 51, who resided at the address. Hall allegedly cooperated and admitted there were drugs at the residence.

There was also a .22 caliber pistol at the residence with three live rounds in the clip. No one at the residence would admit the handgun belonged to them.

Goeden was charged with a fifth-degree drug crime.

Hall was charged with a fifth-degree drug crime and possession of a pistol with a previous felony conviction.