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March 23

•A German Shepherd escaped from its home March 16 and attacked a Pomeranian on its leash. One of the owners of the shepherd told officers four days later the dog had been sold on Craig's List to an unknown party from Minneapolis. The Pomeranian was taken to a veterinarian in Perham but had to be put down due to its injuries. The previous owner of the shepherd offered to pay for the Pomeranian's vet bill. They also indicated that they intended to offer to have the shepherd put down because of its aggressive nature.

March 26

•A caller complained of numerous appliances and cigarette butts left on her property by some neighbors. The neighbors said they would move the appliances and clean up the property after they received a paycheck from one of their employers. Three days later the caller reported that one of the neighbors was yelling obscenities at her and giving her hand gestures after the garbage complaint.

•A black lab puppy was found and taken to the city pound. The father of the owner of the dog informed the Wadena County Humane Society that the owner is deployed overseas. The puppy was examined and given two immunizations. Information was left with the National Guard Armory in Wadena.

March 27

•A resident of the city submitted a suspicious letter and printed check for $3,650 endorsed to him. The enclosed letter was a similar fraudulent scam that alleged the resident had won the money but that a tax needed to be forwarded to an address in the United Kingdom. The Minnesota Attorney General's website has multiple examples of this sort of scam.

March 28

•The friends of a woman who had been assaulted by her boyfriend called police who investigated and found the woman had a cut above her right eye and bruise marks on her neck. By the time the officers arrived the couple were in bed. The woman emerged from the bed fully clothed and was told by one of the officers to join another officer in the hall. The boyfriend, who would not provide a PBT sample, was arrested for domestic abuse-strangulation and probation violations.

•The father of a juvenile patient at a hospital became irritated with hospital staff after they talked about sending the patient to an in-patient unit at another hospital. The patient was brought there by the birth mother who had a restraining order against the father although the father had been called by the mother. The father wanted a second opinion. The father was told that he could be arrested for the contact at the hospital for violation of a domestic abuse no contact order. The father was advised to get a temporary motion to the court so that the mother and father could jointly deal with the medical issue.

March 30

•Numerous silver and gold coins stolen from a resident of Eagle Bend were exchanged a Wadena business place for cash. The coins amounted to 115 silver dollars, 54 half dollars, 12 silver dollars, 31 gold dollar coins and four casino gaming tokens.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.