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Photos provided

Julie Snyder from Signs and Design mounted pictures on a railroad, courthouse creamery room window and pictures in the door and window of the Vintage House in the Stitchin' Post and Nationalities Room at the Wadena County Historical Society. All five pictures were donated by the Wadena High School Class of 1961 to the Wadena County Historical Society.

The window in the railroad, courthouse, creamery room shows pictures of three depots in Wadena County. The top depot is the Wadena Depot that was burning in 1915 and the story is that Wadena residents wanted a new depot because Staples had a nice depot and while the firemen were trying to put out the fire, residents stood on the hose to prevent it, and help make it possible to get a new depot, which they did. The picture under the Wadena depot is the Sebeka depot with some fine horses and an old truck picking up their load at the depot. The picture on the bottom is of the Verndale depot where people are catching the train. The window also makes for a nice screen saver to keep the sun off of artifacts.

The Vintage House in the lower lever at the historical society now has pictures behind the door and window and makes it look as if someone is actually inside the house. The pictures were taken from the Merchants Hotel album where there were pictures of the Rawsons, who owned the hotel and their friends. If any one knows the names of the people inside this Vintage House, please call Sandi Pratt, executive director at the Wadena County Historial Society at (218) 631-9079.