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Spring has former farmers restless

The activities week began with a chapel service at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Monday there was a residents' meeting, and a sing-along with Nancy. Tuesday brought a bingo game and chapel, while on Wednesday it was a visit by Kathy and her dog, bible stories, and dice games. Thursday manicures were on board with mass and music by Youngbauers on Friday.

Our trees and lawns are thinking about waking up, even the grass has a different shade. We've seen robins for a week or two and goose pairs are strutting around up and down the creek.

A fair number of our men residents were farmers. They are uneasy. Long years of habit have taught them this is the time to check, grease, and otherwise get machinery ready to till or plant to keep from taking valuable time for breakdowns after they are in the field.

Ex-farmer Stan Windels claims the land, Mother Earth, sends those who work her soil messages other folks miss. Every breeze comes with the smell of soil waking up, ready to be planted. Trees send a hint that leaves will soon appear. Bob, Fred and Ernie agreed that spring was their favorite time of year.

While visiting this week someone mentioned the loss of debates as entertainment. Helen recalled huge crowds gathering to hear two well-known people debate. The Lincoln/Douglas debate over slavery is the most well-known.

However, a debate can be about almost anything. The last one I heard, years ago, was between two articulate farmers debating the Farmall tractor's merits against those of a John Deere.

Along with Pioneer Journal staff, I have enjoyed writing for Steve Schulz. He is a smart editor and a nice man. Good luck, Steve, and happy landing from your many friends at Fair Oaks Lodge.