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Last weekend, I had a wonderful walking partner to show off the lovely lake and park near my home. Sophie is a one year old St. Bernard and I wanted to spend a little time with her alone. We are experiencing such beautiful weather here in Minnesota with our spring that has came in full force.

It was Sophie's first time at the park and there was a lot of critters to watch - we have two eagles that have taken up residence recently as well as the usual deer and squirrels. We went out very early so there were hardly any other dogs out there which was nice - we had the whole place to ourselves and the morning was full of enchantment. When Sophie arrived last week snow was everywhere but things have really changed recently.

After we had been out for about an hour, Sophie stopped in her tracks with her head held high listening for what many never hear - Spring. The ice on the creek we were walking past was frozen over but it was melting and the sound was as loud as multiple cannons being fired. We must have stayed for 15 minutes transfixed with the sound of nature, entering the flow.

By now, the hard edges of the frozen creek are all gone as I observed on my walk this morning. It is flowing fast as if there never was a time that it had not been in the flow. The creek's transformation goes unnoticed by most but to Sophie and I, we knew how much work it was to get into that flow that now seems so effortless. Now that creek has no recollection of a time when it was not in the flow, no worries of breaking free, the pain and uncomfortable feeling it must have been in to expose itself after being covered all winter.

Just for today, and maybe the next day and the next day after, I am going to choose to be in the flow. Let the hard edges melt, and let my spirit be in awe of this time and smile confidently as things continue to change, day by day, season by season, person by person. We are all here to evolve and grow, sometimes it is uncomfortable to change - but when you get in the flow, and you know when you are in the flow, the ease and comfort is worth it and things just happen to go in harmony with where you are. So join me and I will join you, in the flow.