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Just Getting Through Today

Maybe this week isn't a good week for you to figure out what it is that you want so that you can fix your eyes on the horizon. Perhaps the end of your workday is the only destination you can see right now. Looking to the future means getting to 5:00PM on Friday without quitting or giving someone a piece of your mind. The future, it seems, is tomorrow and beyond that... well, it will just have to take care of itself.

Sound familiar? Well, I hope not... but for some, it's reality. And if you aren't there now, you likely can remember a time when a job, a relationship or a situation left you feeling like there was little hope of anything ever changing.

What to do?

When those doldrums take hold, we need to take charge. Here are a few ways to create an attitude change when circumstances have you down.

- Take care of yourself. When the focus is on the immediate negative circumstance, it seems that this is also the time when we give up exercising, choose to have a glass of wine to unwind, or avoid friends who might provide a blessed pick-me-up. Remember to breathe. Eat right. Get a good night's sleep. These things all help with perspective and provide more willpower to take on the next day.

- Remember who's in charge. That's right; it's you. When we can take an honest look at where we are and what we can do about it, that's when circumstances begin to change. Even if it's only a little bit at a time.

- Release. Stress has a way of building when bottled up inside. Find an understanding confidant. If it's too personal, find time to exercise or write or whatever it is that allows for stress to be channeled outside of you. If needed, hire a professional to help you through this time.

- Recognize and acknowledge the good stuff. Every day things happen that we can be grateful for. Challenge yourself to complete the Three Blessings exercise each night. Thank God, the heavens, your luck or the universe when something happy happens. Don't let the little things slip by you.

- Remember, this too shall pass. Really, Grandma was right. As the familiar bible passage and The Byrds remind us, to everything there is a season and seasons always change.

Finally, sometimes simply getting through today - or even this moment - really is enough. Accepting that alone can bring welcome relief.