Weather Forecast


Record high temps being broken

With temps reaching the balmy mid-70s and even a thunderstorm on Monday evening, the last few days of winter in Wadena felt more like summer.

Records for Wadena were broken the last three days of winter based on temperatures recorded three miles south of Wadena.

Jennifer Ritterling, senior meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Grand Forks, said the NWS only issues official records from Fargo and Grand Forks but the site three miles south of Wadena has been recording its own unofficial data since 1850.

On Saturday, March 17, the high was 72 degrees - breaking the unofficial record of 64 degrees in 2003.

On Sunday, March 18, the temperature got up to 74 degrees - easily surpassing the 1921 high of 61 degrees.

On Monday, March 19, the high reached 71 degrees - breaking the previous tie of 57 degrees in 2010 and 1946.

Ritterling said that for the next several days, the Climate Prediction Center was calling for above normal temperatures.

The one-month outlook for April also calls for generally above normal temperatures.

Right now, west central Minnesota is considered to be in moderate drought by the USDA.