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Bark Park may move

The Sunnybrook Bark Park may be relocated from the frog pond to a more open area across from the old airport.

Wadena Public Works Director Ron Bucholz said he had talked to the Humane Society seeking their feedback, since they had suggested the original bark park.

He said even though they don't have a lot of money for fencing, one of the ideas was that there would be separate areas for big dogs and small dogs.

Bucholz said the reason for the idea of relocating the bark park was feedback from dog owners, some citing the size and others not wanting their dogs to swim in the algae-filled pond.

He said they are also putting up signs around the different parks reminding people to pick up after their animals, and there already is one by the bark park.

Bucholz said there was still a problem with pet owners not scooping up dog feces in parks, even though there is an ordinance requiring people to pick up after pets.