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Library's Monday hours are back

Monday - you can't trust that day, according to an old song. But fortunately for library patrons, Kitchigami in Wadena is having Monday hours again after the Wadena City Council voted to restore funding which was cut by the county.

The Wadena City Library will re-open this Monday, March 19, with the usual 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. hours.

At the city's regular Tuesday meeting, council member Toby Pierce said city administrator Brad Swenson had been talking to Kitchigami Regional Library director Marian Ridge and $5,232 was the amount of funding of the $10,000 needed to restore the Wadena city library location to its hours and materials budget from before the cuts.

The mobile library, which serves other cities in Wadena County, would still be affected by the cuts.

Even though the city council's decision was unanimous, council members and Swenson expressed concern that the county might expect the city to pick up the slack year after year.

Pete Phillips, the library board president attending the council meeting, said he had mixed feelings and that the decision could remove political pressure from the county and that it might not be the city's place to fill the county's funding gap.

Swenson said the city under current rules could make the $5,232 funding a one-time payment rather than being obligated to continue year after year, unless the Minnesota Legislature restores the maintenance rule.

Council member Don Niles said that Pierce is very conservative, so if he was asking to spend something outside the budget, it must be something serious.

By the next day, the library's outside sign indicated that Mondays were back.