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Is the new logo a no-go?

logos by Adventure Advertising The Wadena City Council is seeking public feedback on proposed new logos.1 / 2
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The Wadena City Council is seeking public input on ideas for a new logo from an advertising agency hired to come up with ideas to rebrand the community.

At Tuesday's regular city council meeting, it was announced that several graphic and tagline ideas presented by Adventure Advertising had been narrowed down to two to possibly replace the current logo with the swooping green and blue W and slogan "Where the prairie meets the woodlands."

One proposed logo is an art deco sign with the pun tagline "You're come to the right pace" [sic].

The other logo has a W formed by a green and a blue stick figure holding hands with the tagline "Where people come together."

Mayor Wayne Wolden said so far, the response has been lukewarm, and on Wadena's Facebook page people were questioning why the city hired an outside advertising agency without looking into local graphic artists. He said that the comments might have given people a negative bias in evaluating the quality of the two designs posted on Facebook.

Adventure Advertising was hired by the city with funds from a grant several months ago to explore new branding ideas.

Council member Don Niles said that there are people in Wadena who have a talent with graphics, and they could have a contest for submissions. He said he wasn't particularly excited about either one of the two proposed designs.

Council member Toby Pierce said he thought the current logo wasn't up for change, and neither of the two would motivate people to drive 160 miles to visit the town.

Council member Jeanette Baymler said she hoped Adventure Advertising was not done yet. She said the city was looking for something that would set Wadena apart, and the proposed logos so far don't do that.

Wolden said that a simple logo and tagline can be effective, and cited Alexandria's "easy to find, hard to leave" slogan.

Pierce said everybody

already knows Alexandria has lakes.

March 29, 7 p.m. will see a public input meeting on the wellness center, and Wolden said it was an opportunity to receive feedback on the logo as well.