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Meet the biker at Fair Oaks

John Poland

In all of the stories I've written, I've never found a motorcycle rider, until today. His name is John Poland and he comes to us from Sebeka. John was born in faraway Vermont in 1931.

After high school John joined the Air Force where he stayed for 21 years. He was in the supplies and equipment unit, meaning he was not on the front lines, never was shot at. His tour of duty was in the Pacific Theatre, in Korea. John retired for physical


John's wife, Beverly, was from El Paso, Texas. They have two boys and a girl. Beverly found employment here. It was when John was sent to Air Base that he became familiar with this area and liked it.

When a farm his size came up for sale around Sebeka he up and bought it, even though farming is a number one gamble. Beverly found work in the State Employment office.

"What do you do for fun, John?" I asked next. "I have two Arabian houses and a Harley motorcycle."

His daughter from Motley came and I knew they wanted to visit.

John said, "I've never had an accident with any of them."

"It sounds to me like you have more than one, John. How many?"

"I've had four: a Honda, Goldwing, Yamaha and the Harley," he said.

The Goldwing is made by Honda in Greenlane, Auckland, first one in 1972. They've been going for 30 years. They are known as the most sophisticated bike.

Now John's only daughter is here. Since nothing beats family company, I take a quick picture and say goodbye.