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Mammo party to be held at Lakewood

Lakewood Health System is offering women a unique way to make annual mammography screening less of a chore and more, well, like a party.

Kris Posner, Lakewood Health System Breast Health Navigator, said the importance of early detection in breast cancer can't be overestimated.

"We know that mammography helps catch breast cancer early, when treatment is most likely to be successful," said Posner. "Treating women to some pampering as a reward for getting screened is a small thing to do for possibly saving a life."

The Mammo Party will be held at Lakewood's Main Campus east of Staples on Monday, March 26 from 1-7 p.m. The party will include paraffin wax hand dips, massages, treats and prizes.

"It's a great opportunity for women to get together with their daughters, neighbors and friends and make it an event," said Posner. "They can have fun and do something positive for themselves at the same time."

Women who want to schedule a mammogram during one of the Mammo Party times should call (218) 898-7465.