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Living History: Arsenic cleanup project happened 25 years ago

5 years ago

Excerpts from the March 15, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Depot restoration moving along

Highway Engineer Joel Ulring said that he has been working with Kay Browne, Wadena Depot restoration project manager, to continue moving the project forward after bids for the renovation were rejected. Browne has worked with the project's architect to revamp plans for the building, he said. The redrawn project will concentrate on the building itself instead of exterior elements.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the March 21, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• Tammy Swift: Extra security means funny traveling tales

We feel downright un-American even saying this. We know hyper-vigilance is wise, even mandatory, since Sept. 11. We know the little inconveniences of travel are essential since the day the towers fell.

Still, doesn't some of the airport security seem a little, well, bizarre?

Sure, it makes sense to strip passengers of pocket knives and nail files. But eyelash curlers? Might you conspire to hold down the pilot and make his eyelashes embarrassingly girly?

• U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone: Congress should not grant tax breaks to wealthy

We can meet our federal obligation to school kids simply by forgoing two large tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans that are key features of the Republican budget. The first is a further reduction of the tax rate paid by the top 1 percent of American taxpayers, those couples earning over $300,000 a year. They are scheduled for a new tax cut in 2004, and then another in 2006, under the tax package enacted last year.

I would change last year's tax law to freeze the rates of those wealthiest 1 percent where they are now. I would not roll back the tax cut they already received, but we cannot afford to give them additional breaks.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the March 17, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• 400 ton of arsenic-tainted waste removed near golf course

Last week's cleanup of nearly 400 tons of arsenic-tainted waste by a contracted removal firm from the Twin Cities under the supervision of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) drew a considerable amount of attention from local citizens.

The local firm of Waln Construction also assisted in cleanup operations at one of the state's largest arsenic waste sites located four miles northeast of Wadena in Leaf River Township and adjacent to the local golf course.

According to officials, nearly 400 tons of arsenic waste buried along the old Burlington Northern railroad tracks in the 1930s was found to have contaminated the subsoil and groundwater in that area. The MPCA spent nearly two years preparing for the cleanup operation.

• Weber to give seminar on mind and body

Ralph Weber, who wrote the book Spaceage Exercise will be giving a two part seminar beginning Mar. 24 at the Four Seasons Motel.

Weber will be teaching new exercise techniques which eliminates the three popular deterrents to exercise: time required, perspiration and special clothing.

Part two of the seminar is on habit change which includes teaching the subconscious to change your life. This teaching would help you lose weight, quit smoking or find power and success.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the March 16, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• Pick-up crashes through WATI doors

A motorist drove his pick-up truck through the east entrance to the new wing of the local Technical School late Tuesday, Mar. 7, scattering glass and debris in the hallway near the student lounge.

• Cozy Theatre is newly remodeled

The Quincers indicate that the auditorium has been completely renovated, redecorated outer lobby and glass enclosed ticket booth.

The Cozy also has floor to ceiling acoustical drapes and paneled walls.

Happiness is viewing a movie at the remodeled Cozy.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the March 20, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• Editorial: England prefers Truman

Is Great Britain meddling in the American presidential campaign? Is the British government secretly promoting the re-election of Harry S. Truman, the special friend of England?

Senator Ferguson of Michigan has done good work in exposing the secret workings of the Truman-Atlee agency. Over 100,000 American workmen are now idle because this agency has diverted copper and other materials to foreign countries, thus closing down American factories.