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Feb. 25

• Police responded to a report of a customer assaulting a clerk in a convenience store when the customer tried to exchange one brand of cigarettes for another brand, and the store clerk refused, citing a no-return policy on tobacco products.

Feb. 28

• The sheriff's office assisted with a controlled burn that looked to be out of control on Wadena County Road 23. A deputy checked it out and the landowner had the fire contained.

• A 3-year-old fell down the stairs and required medical assistance.

• A woman cut off her finger in a snowblower in Wadena. The victim was taken to the hospital via a private vehicle. The accident happened around 5:45 a.m.

• A man reported the theft of a Honda generator from his pickup.

Feb. 29

• Cass County requested the assistance of Wadena County deputies with a suspect who fled via a foot pursuit. The call was cleared after Cass County deputies located the man.

• An elderly man fell three times after being released from the hospital.

• A man reported property damage at the Wadena ice arena. Someone allegedly pried open a door and left an empty till on the ground.

• Police responded after a pickup ran into a building in Wadena, damaging the front door.

• A woman was trying to sell her 40 rats on Craigslist. The woman received a phone call from a man who said he was interested in obtaining the rats so he could stage rat fights. He told her it was promoted on a certain website, and she should check it out. When she went to the site to see about the rat fighting, it turned out to be a pornography site.

March 1

• A property owner in Wadena reported some tenants had broken their lease and were moving their things out. After he left and came back, he discovered they had cut some pipes and removed a new boiler that didn't belong to them, and was valued at about $2,500. The people later returned the boiler and the owner said he was satisfied, and would not pursue charges.

• A man was contacted by police for placing about 100 fliers between people's mailboxes and their flags on their mailboxes, advertising snow removal services. The act was a violation of postal regulation, and many of the fliers were blowing away in the wind. The man was cooperative when he was told that was against the rules.

March 2

• A Chevy Malibu was found in the ditch in Wadena County, unoccupied, with damage to the vehicle, apparently from hitting a boulder in the ditch. There was no apparent sign of injury to the driver, who was not on the scene. Authorities worked to get a hold of the man who was driving.

• Police handled a complaint of a man blowing snow onto his neighbor's driveway and sidewalk using his snowblower. He was also intoxicated, police noted, and they warned him not to do that.

• Wadena police and sheriff's deputies handled a domestic abuse allegation. The victim said the man had been drinking since that morning, and when she commented on him putting a game CD in a game console upside down, it started an argument that escalated into domestic abuse. The man admitted grabbing her hair but said he did so by accident. This was the same man involved in a snowblowing complaint earlier in the day.

• A woman reported that about 15 Vicodin pills were missing from her home.

• After his neighbor had called police complaining about the noise, a man went up and confronted that neighbor, threatening to "punch his teeth out." Police went back and spoke to the man who had the noise complaint made against him, and he confirmed the story. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

March 3

• A vehicle was in the ditch after hitting a road sign at the intersection of U.S. Highway 71 and Wadena County Road 1. The roadway was very icy because of snow and blowing snow, the deputy reported.

March 4

• A woman was out for a walk and came across a horse with a saddle on it, but no rider. The horse came out of the woods on a trail near Duck Lake. Menahga firefighters were called out to assist. The rider was eventually located at a nearby house.

• A caller reported someone dumped a sealed garbage can on his property, and it rolled down his hill and was very heavy. He also said it was sealed very well and he didn't want to open it. Authorities inspected the can and found out it was the remnants of a sewer that was cleaned out.

March 5

• A caller complained that a neighbor was hitting trees and snow banks while driving through the trailer court in Verndale, possibly while drunk.

• Two vehicles were racing down U.S. Highway 10, giving "finger gestures" to each other. One of the vehicles was stopped and the driver was cited, but the other driver got away.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.