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Deer Creek city council gets down to business

The Deer Creek City Council approved $2,500 toward Deer Creek summer recreation.

Sandie Rentz, who approached the council, said the city gave $2,500 last year.

"Last year you gave us $2,500. I don't know if your budget's already set for this year," she said.

She said she would check to see what space is available.

Council member Mary Lee Weaver asked how much Wadena gives, and Rentz said they get nothing from Wadena, but Wadena parents pay more.

Rentz is the food service director at Wadena-Deer Creek Public Schools.

Lunch continues over the summer.

"I don't think people realize how hungry a lot of our kids are," she said.

She said there is a group that is doing a summer Bible study, and they will bring their kids down for lunch.

She said with declining enrollment, there aren't as many kids around.

The Deer Creek baseball restoration project is continuing, and the council approved a resolution for ongoing grants the Shockers apply for.

Mayor Julie Brenko said it would help and so that small ongoing activities would not need to go to the council for approval every month.

The entrance sign project brought up by the Deer Creek Lions is still ongoing.

The council discussed compensation for council member Jim Hill taking extra time working on the Community Center.

Council member Brenda Lee said thanking him with a gift would be illegal, but $50 worth of wages would be fine.

Hill said he would just as soon donate it, as he enjoys working for the city and making it look better.

The council approved the usual cigarette licenses for Deer Creek Oil, Deer Creek Express and Brewski's.

The council discussed zoning as one of the town's residents had a sign for Motor Sports Plus operating from their home.

Council members said that residential areas cannot be used for commercial purposes and decided to send one certified letter and one regular letter.

"He can help anybody he wants to help," Brenko said. "He can't advertise it."

The council approved a building permit for Ken Clasen.

Council members Mary Lee Weaver and Brenda Lee volunteered to be on the cemetery board.

The council talked about garbage nuisances and making a list to have people clean their properties as the weather gets warmer.

The council also talked about the need to clean water lines. Council member Dan Hendershot, who is also the fire captain, said that water from the hydrants from a controlled burn Saturday was the color of a carpet.

The council approved payment of bills for the city's expenses.