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Verndale coach makes hall of fame

PJ file photo. WTCN-TV personality Roundhouse Rodney, a.k.a. Donald Lynn Dwyer, was a guest at the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet held at the Wadena school cafeteria in this photo from the Feb. 24, 1972 Pioneer Journal.

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 22, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• A labyrinth for Lent

Anyone looking for enlightenment or some quiet time to reflect on life can walk a labyrinth at St. Helen's Episcopal Church in Wadena.

"God is always drawning us in and the labyrinth is just one way of doing that," said the Rev. John Husband of St. Helen's.

The labyrinth is based on the design of the labyrinth at the Chatres Cathedral in France.

• WiFi coming to Wadena library

Something new we are all looking forward to in the near future (hopefully next week) is WiFi or wireless Internet connection at the library. This means that if an individual has a laptop with wireless Internet capability, he or she will be able to connect to the Internet by just being in the building. We are very excited about offering this service to our patrons. There are many students, business persons and travelers that will benefit from it.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 28, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• Column: Verndale puts third coach in hall of fame

Retired Verndale physical education teacher and track and field Coach Kathy Techam was featured recently in the Pioneer Journal when named to the Minnesota High School Track and Field Coaches Hall of Fame. Techam, in a matter of weeks, will be working with both boys and girls as assistant coach of the Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale track squad.

• Minnesota DOT wants to build turn lane

On Tuesday, the Wadena City Council approved allowing the state to move forward on buying land for a right of way for a right turn lane from eastbound U.S. Highway 10 to southbound U.S. Highway 71.

The council also approved a downtown alley project to begin this summer.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 24, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• Sebeka Grace Lutheran celebrates debt retirement, burning of 10-year mortgage

Special services Sunday, Feb. 15, held at Grace Lutheran church in Sebeka celebrating the retirement of its building debt drew a record number of members, friends and former pastors of the church.

The edifice was packed to capacity during the 11 a.m. service as church pastor, the Rev. Thomas Queck, along with the Rev. Richard Guehna, North District president of the Missouri Synod, and former Grace vicar, the Rev. Craig Gramms, officiated.

Grace Evangelical Lutheran church (Missouri Synod) retired the debt it incurred with the building of the present structure adjacent to U.S. Highway 71 in Sebeka Jan. 6, 1987. Groundbreaking for the current building was held Apr. 17, 1977, and the building process began that same year on Aug. 22.

Grace Evangelical Lutheran church originated in the National Evangelical Lutheran church of the Finnish Lutheran church and became a part of the Lutheran Church of the Missouri Synod in 1963.

• New TV drug ads target youth's self-esteem

A new public service advertising campaign which appeals to youths' self-esteem and personal identity as reasons to avoid or stop using drugs has been launched by the National School Safety Center.

The positive focus on the integrity of one's identity, as opposed to relying on scare tactics to keep kids away from drugs, reflects the latest findings of drug abuse prevention studies.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 24, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• 'Round House Rodney' charms 300 in Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

A fascinating and sincere chunk of humanity thrilled and charmed Wadena Cub Scouts during their annual Blue and Gold banquet served at the junior high cafeteria Monday night.

That man, and he's only five feet tall, was Round House Rodney of WTCN-TV fame and popularity who performed at Brooklyn Center early Monday afternoon and raced to Wadena for the banquet held at 6:30 p.m.

• Snowmobilers turn out in force for Trailbreakers Weekend Rally

The third annual Sebeka Trailbreakers Rally was held Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 19-20. Trail riders leaving in guided groups from the Lee Schumaker farm all day and evening numbered more than one hundred and twenty-five machines. In addition to the eighty-six members of the club were folks from Wadena, Anoka, Danube, Foxhome, Montevideo, New York Mills, Menahga and many others, attending the two-day affair.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 28, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• Tournaments begin at Wadena tonight

An issue hotter than the atomic bomb is again with us - basketball tournaments. And when you see folks walking aimlessly down the street, like they had been involved in an atomic blast, don't be alarmed, for they may be playing the games of the night before, or be wondering how some lucky stiff with his eyes shut shot blindly to knock out his team with only a second of the game remaining.

• Foreign student learns where her country is located

Jean Huang, 19, of Formosa, province of China, was a weekend guest at the home of Mrs. Cyrene Arendt and family. Miss Huang, a scholarship student at St. Scholastica, Duluth, came here as a guest of Mary Lou Arendt, who is also a student at St. Scholastica, majoring in Medical records and Library Service.

After spending a year at the University of China, Miss Huang came to the United States and is a second year student at the college in Duluth. Her father is chief advisor to Chiang Kai-shek at her sister is married to the Governor of Formosa.

While here, she visited the Sebeka school where Mrs.

Arendt is an instructor.

Following the question and answer section, the Sebeka teacher asked one of her second graders if she knew where China was. The answer was - "Yes. On the map."