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Crashes keep State Patrol 'very busy'

The State Patrol is trying to keep up with nearly 200 crashes around the state Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Sgt. Jesse R. Grabow, public information trooper, issued this statement Tuesday morning: "The Minnesota State Patrol kept very busy throughout much of the state as snow and slush accumulated on the highways yesterday (Monday February 20) and through this morning. State Troopers responded to a total of approximately 191 crashes. Of those crashes, 44 resulted in injuries and two fatal crashes. The two fatals claimed the lives of five people. One of the fatals occurred at approximately 3:06 pm on I94 approximately 5 miles west of Alexandria. The crash involved three vehicles and killed four people. The other fatal occurred at approximately 3:32 pm on Hwy 28 approximately two miles west of Glenwood. One person was killed when they spun out on the highway and struck a semi."