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Thank You: Betty Hyatt

Thank you to all of you who shared Dale's life here, and to all of you who came to extend your condolences and share your thoughts with friends who gathered at the Boondocks. Thank you for all the funds gifted; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital will be most grateful. And to the Boondocks, thank you for the terrific job you did for Dale and me.

In 1998, 10 of us journeyed here from Michigan to check out land by Aldrich that had been gifted to my Cherokee tribe. During our visit here, we were greeted with helpful friendliness at every turn. That made a lasting impression. In 2003, after much searching with Garth's help, Dale and I found our home, sold the farm in Michigan and moved here.

The helpful friendliness we found in 1998 was still here, alive and well, a fact we most appreciated! The gathering of friends at the Boondocks proved some good things don't change. Again, from my heart, thank you!

-- Betty Hyatt