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Bring your love questions to God

I don't know much about car mechanics. If there is something that goes wrong with my car, I am better off finding someone else to work on it then attempting to fix it myself. I need someone who has both the knowledge and the tools to fix my car even if the cost will put a great strain on my finances.

If my car breaks down, I take it to a mechanic as soon as possible, especially if it is my only source of transportation. I don't stall, I don't wait, I don't delay. Why? Because my car is important to me. I use it every day. I drive to work, to the grocery store, make visits, go places - I need my car.

I remember a time when my transmission went out in my vehicle before I had it paid for. I didn't have the money to pay for a new transmission. What did I do? I had a new transmission put in anyway. Could I afford it? Not really, but neither could I afford to be without transportation. We do what we have to do in order to keep those things we hold as valuable to us.

Is there trouble in your family or your marriage? Something may be broken with your parents, your kids, or with your spouse that despite all your attempts is not getting better. What do you do? Do you think, "If we just don't talk about it, if we don't fight about it, it will all work out. It will solve itself somehow."

You don't use that approach with your lawn mower. You don't say, "I know it doesn't start, but I'll just leave it here in the corner of the garage. I'll check it out next week. If we leave it alone long enough, it will fix itself."

When your car doesn't work you don't say, "I know there's something leaking on the ground and there's a weird noise, but let's not make an issue out of it. Let's just be real quiet around the car. We'll give it some space, give it a lot of room. Let's not offend it. It will quit leaking, the noise will stop, if we ignore it long enough, it will fix itself."

Are you getting the picture? What matters most to you: your lawnmower, your television, your car, or your marriage and family? I talk to people who say, "We just don't have time to change things right now." Really? Listen, if a tragedy happened tomorrow, somehow you would make time to deal with it, you would have to. There are husbands who thought they didn't have time for their wife and children, until they lost them and all of a sudden, presto - they are making the time for divorce proceedings or trying to resurrect a dead relationship. I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm simply trying to elevate your family in your priorities. It's more important than your lawn mower or your car. When something is broken or not working right - go get some help.

In the middle of this month is Valentine's Day so I thought it might be appropriate to spend a few sessions here talking about making your marriage and family engine run smoothly. Love is the key. But what does love really look like? He who is love (God Himself) has the answers. He who instituted marriage and created family knows best how to make it run most efficiently. So, my first point is to not run away from the problems but to take the time to bring it to the ONE who has the answers and can fix it.