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Woman charged with theft for leaving with van

A woman who formerly lived in Wadena was charged with theft for allegedly taking a van that belonged to a friend. However, Amy Ann Sarbaum, 27, said she had made arrangements to pay for the vehicle.

Police were contacted by the owner of the van after she lent it to Sarbaum and Sarbaum failed to return the vehicle, according to court records. The owner of the van accused Sarbaum of also stealing Christmas gifts, clothing and cash.

A woman who identified herself as Sarbaum contacted Wadena police days later and said she was calling from Montana. She said she had made arrangements to pay for the van, but admitted she hadn't made any payments yet. The owner of the van said there was never an agreement on a sale.

Wadena police warned Sarbaum not to drive the vehicle, as it had been entered in a national registry as a stolen vehicle.

Sarbaum was charged Jan. 26 in Wadena County District Court with theft. She is not in custody and her whereabouts are believed to be in Montana.