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Sheriff's office places 'hold' on burglary suspect

Investigators believe they have their man in burglaries at People's Express and Jim's Body Shop.

The Wadena County Sheriff's office obtained felony warrants for Jason Michael Collins of Cambridge, Minn. after the collection of forensic evidence and evaluation of that evidence led to Collins as a suspect. Evidence collected at the scene of the burglary of People's Express, 12182 U.S. Highway 10 and Jim's Body Shop was sent to Bureau of Criminal apprehension for lab analysis, according to Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr. This evidence includes fingerprints and other evidence collected at the scene. Carr has placed a hold on Collins who is currently incarcerated in Anoka County Jail.

Collins will be transported to Wadena County when his legal matters are finished in Anoka and Isanti Counties. Several thousand dollars worth of property were taken from People's Express and several thousand dollars of damage was done to Jim's Body Shop's fence and the vehicle that was stolen from Jim's Body Shop during this crime in Wadena County.

The burglary, criminal damage to property and vehicle theft occurred on Aug. 26, 2011, Carr said.