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For Schwan's, Rohloff really delivers

Photo provided. Jon Rohloff holds the lead crystal S Factor award trophy presented during the Schwan's national banquet in Las Vegas.

People in Wadena, Deer Creek, Hewitt, Bertha, Eagle Bend and the surrounding areas may recognize Jon Rohloff as the local "Schwan's man."

On Friday, Jan. 27, Schwan's itself recognized Rohloff with its company-wide S Factor Award given to one home service driver in the nation who goes above and beyond the normal job duties.

Nominations are made from all over the United States by local customers. Rohloff, a home service driver with Schwan's for almost seven years, stood out during the June 17, 2010 tornado aftermath.

He helped with the Wadena cleanup, cutting trees, cleaning up debris and assisting members of the community right after the tornado.

The nomination process is confidential and Rohloff said he does not know who recommended him.

At the time of the tornado, Rohloff was on vacation in the Mille Lacs area.

"I had taken the next day off. It was a vacation day," he said.

When he and his wife saw the destruction, they went home and helped the people of the Wadena during the following weekend.

Rohloff knew many of the Schwan's customers affected by the tornado since the whole city of Wadena is part of his service area.

"I wanted to reach out and help them because they helped me every day on my route," he said.

Rohloff was one of 91 finalists who got to attend the Schwan's national banquet in Las Vegas.

"It was wonderful. We had a great time," he said. "Approximately 700 people had voted on the award from across the whole nation."

He enjoyed the trip, and didn't expect the part where he won the final award on top of it.

"I was shocked, but very excited ... that I could represent this area of the country," Rohloff said.

He said he wanted to thank the people in the area for being great, loyal customers who are caring and friendly as he shows up at their homes.

"It's what makes the job worthwhile," he said. "You get to meet the families and the kids and the dogs, and you get to know them on a personal basis. It's very, very rewarding."

Rohloff lives near Bertha and grew up near Ortonville. Before working for Schwan's, he was a math teacher for 30 years in Phoenix.