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Dec. 16

• Wadena police launched an investigation in December when a business reported one of its cashiers had been skimming money from the register. The employee would ring up a customer's items and take the customer's money, but then fraudulently ring in a return of some of the merchandise and pocket the cash. The till would balance for the day, but as soon as the business conducted an inventory, the problem came to light. The woman admitted to taking about $20 per shift, three shifts a week, for about five months, which equaled around $1,200. However, the store managers reported a shortage in inventory of about $8,700.

Jan. 1

• A Wadena retailer reported the attempted shoplifting of about $372 in items. The suspect tried to steal some Nintendo games, coffee, cheese, a krumkake iron and a cotton candy maker.

Jan. 7

• A man reported he had sent his EBT card with a friend to pick up a case of pop for him, and the friend returned with the pop and the card. But the man learned earlier the friend had charged $45.32 in merchandise on his card.

Jan. 11

• A woman purchased a wheelchair bike over eBay, and paid about $1,900 for the item in September. The seller claimed he had problems with shipping it, and now he had disappeared with her money and deleted his eBay account.

Jan. 13

• One person was injured in a collision at Garfield Avenue Southeast and First Street Southeast in Wadena. Neither person required an ambulance but one of the drivers said she would transport herself to the clinic.

Jan. 18

• Police investigated a burglary at a Wadena residence. An XBox was reported missing from the dwelling.

Jan. 21

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance between a mother and daughter. The mother allegedly threw all of the belongings from the daughter's diaper bag all over the room.

• Police observed two men in Sunnybrook Park in Wadena around 4:45 a.m. The officer asked the men what they were doing there, since the park was closed. They said they wanted to be outside, because it was such a nice night. It was 10 degrees below zero, the officer noted. One of the men had telltale signs of marijuana use, and the officer instructed him to retrieve all of his drugs, which the man did. The officer asked what they were really doing there, and the men said they were inspired by the murals painted around Wadena and wanted to paint something themselves. The officer recovered more than a dozen cans of spray paint and other painting materials before the men could paint or "tag" the shelter building. They were charged with numerous crimes.

Jan. 25

• Police were called to the emergency room after a man reported he had been assaulted and robbed near the old Wadena pool. The man said he was confronted by one African-American and two Hispanic men, who asked him why he was out walking so late. The man said it was because he was fat and needed to walk. Then the man said the three suspects attacked him with a baseball bat and took his wallet. The officer noted the man had no fresh bruises or markings where he said he was hit. Police also investigated the scene of the alleged crime, and there were no footprints or any sign of a struggle in the snow in that area. The man in the ER was told he could be discharged but he would be charged with falsely reporting a crime. Police noted in their report that the man had been requesting some pain medication, and when he was told he could have some Tylenol, he said he needed something "stronger than that." Police followed up on this and learned the same man had gone to the Staples hospital and requested pain medication, using a different name. Police then detained the man for fifth-degree controlled substance crime.

• Wadena County deputies assisted with an armed robbery at a convenience store in Staples. The suspect, who was dressed in a green hoodie with large sunglasses, showed a handgun, then fled with the cash north of Staples.

• Authorities responded to a report of a 27-year-old fighting with a 17-year-old. The 27-year-old allegedly head-butted the 17-year-old during a fight.

Jan. 26

• A two-vehicle crash was reported around 6:10 p.m. at the intersection of Jefferson Street South and Garfield Avenue Southeast. No one was injured, the report said.

• A woman who lives at a group home was seen walking along the road. She was asked why she was walking there, and she said she was walking to meet an aunt. The group home said someone was supposed to give her a ride, but when they didn't show up, she decided to walk on her own. Police gave her a ride.

Jan. 28

• Authorities responded to a building alarm in Wadena County. A squirrel had gotten into the building and set off the alarm.

Jan. 29

• Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a hospital. An adult female's family was at the facility, and was "tearing the lobby apart," according to the caller. The officer found the family and found that the lobby wasn't torn apart, but the patient's mother was sobbing because her daughter refused to see her at the hospital. Eventually, the patient was discharged and talked to her mother in the lobby, but left with someone else.

• Police looked into a report someone was driving go-karts illegally on city streets. An operator of a go-kart was found and told it was illegal to operate them on city roads.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.