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The crazy path of a delivered Wadena Pioneer Journal

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 1, 2007 Pioneer Journal

• Cop gains admirer, then arrests her

While the officer was placing a suspect in handcuffs, she said, "Oh baby, you're making my dreams and fantasy come true," according to the police report. She was arrested for obstructing the legal process. She continued to make remarks toward the officer and told him he was "hot." Officers had sober drivers give rides to those who had been drinking.

• Ms. Lolita, 65

In a Jefferson Street gym lit by a trophy-lined window, a petite great-grandmother nimbly rears back her leg, yells and kicks through a 12-inch square pine board.

The stunt takes a few tries. Mid-Minnesota Tae Kwon Do Schools owner Lolita Myers' 65-year-old hips are more flexible than when she began Tae Kwon Do at age 52.

"I'll go as long as the body will," she said.

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 7, 2002 Pioneer Journal

• Century of sisterhood ends

One hundred years of sisterhood left Wadena Saturday, when Sister Jocile Robinson left St. Ann's parish and school after 15 years in the community.

Another nun, Sister Evangeline Reuter, left Wadena a few weeks ago. She had worked at Catholic Charities and had been in Wadena since 1993.

The two sisters are the last in a line that stretched a century. Benedictine sisters have served the community since at least 1903, when St. Ann's school opened.

• Pro wrestlers coming to Wadena

Professional wrestlers will battle in Wadena at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 16 at the Wadena-Deer Creek elementary school gym.

World champion midget wrestler Beautiful Bobbie will wrestle Little Kato.

Other wrestlers will include Buck "Rock-N-Roll" Zumhofe, "The Patriot" Nathan Strong, Izzy Savard and Sammy Savard. A special women's match will put Heather Whitefeather (Zumhofe's daughter) against Mean Nora Jean.

The evening will include a main event four-man tag team match with a special appearance from Baron "The Claw" Von Raschke.

25 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 3, 1987 Pioneer Journal

• from Business Bits by Greg Collins

This Tuesday night the community and the state of Minnesota will pay tribute to the Wadena Elementary School for their designation as a School of Excellence.

Wadena Elementary Principal Jack Stouten has quite a program arranged for the public that night and quite a list of dignitaries including possibly the governor will visit the school during the day.

• Number is key to protection

A person's Social Security number is his or her key to future protection against loss or reduction of income because of retirement, disability, or death, Kenneth Schlicthing, Social Security manager in Bemidji, said recently.

This is because future Social Security benefits will be based on the record of earnings kept under the name and number shown on the Social Security card during a person's working lifetime. A person should always show his or her social security card to his or her employer when starting a new job to make sure records are correctly kept, Schlichting said.

A Social Security number will also be needed for dependents age five and over listed on Federal tax returns starting with taxable year 1987.

40 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 3, 1972 Pioneer Journal

• Karl Kassulke's cagers in benefit game here Feb. 25

Karl Kassulke and his traveling cagers are scheduled to appear here in a benefit basketball game for the Benevolent Fund and Jim Krause Friday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. in the junior high gym.

Wadena Knights of Columbus will head the sale of tickets.

Talented cagers representing the various teams of the Minnesota Central Basketball League will be matched with the Vikings. Wadena high school seniors will be in charge of the concession stands and coat check. All proceeds will go to the benevolent fund.

• Young man of the year

Michael Gibson and his wife were congratulated by Jaycee President Donald Bottemiller following the presentation of the award Thursday during the Chamber's annual banquet.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Feb. 7, 1952 Pioneer Journal

• Boy Scout history to be made here Sunday

Boy Scout history for Wadena, the State of Minnesota and possibly the nation will be written at Wadena Sunday night, Feb. 10, when nine youths from Boy Scout Troop 54 of Wadena will receive the highest rank in Scouting - that of Eagle. Ceremonies, to which the public is invited, will be held at

Memorial auditorium starting at 8 o'clock.

• Editorial: They went that-a-way!

Pioneer Journal subscribers at Hewitt, nine miles away, and Bertha, 13, had occasion to let out a lusty howl when the P-J failed to arrive on schedule last Thursday.

Checking at the post office in Wadena, we were informed the Pioneer Journals were sent out as prescribed by the postal department, which is very simple - all mail going out of the Wadena post office on the line formerly served by the Great Northern branch passenger train is now placed in pouches and dispatched on train No. 14 to the Northern Pacific - whether it goes north or south.

The mail out of Wadena which is to go south - Hewitt, Bertha, Eagle Bend and on to Sauk Centre - takes a zany path which would lose a homing pigeon.

After the mail which has been placed on train 14 has been sorted, the portion that is to go to towns south of Wadena is routed to St. Cloud on the Northern Pacific line. At St. Cloud it is transferred to the Great Northern line and routed to Sauk Centre. At Sauk Centre it is transferred to the Great Northern branch line freight and taken to Long Prairie. At Long Prairie the mail is transferred from the freight to the Star route, and it continues northward to its destination.

One thing which can't be explained is that when delivery was finally made, the bundles of papers came into Hewitt and Bertha from the north - or Wadena - the original starting place five days previous.

Oh for the days of service as rendered by the pony express!