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Abandoned animals moved from abandoned house

Wadena County Sheriff's Deputies moved a horse and some dogs from a location they believe was abandoned by the owners.

Wadena County Chief Deputy Bill Cross reported the sheriff's office was called out on Jan. 17 to the residence on Wilderness Drive. Some neighbors saw the horse running free, and nearly hit it with their car. The horse followed them to their home, where they tied it up to a tree and called authorities after unsuccessful attempts to reach the horse's owner.

A deputy went to the house the horse had come from and came across three dogs as well. He reported there were animal droppings all over the area, and the house appeared to be abandoned with no tracks in or out for a while. He also noted most household items were removed from the home, and there were dust spots where they had been.

The deputy noted in his report that there was no visible food or water for any of the animals. He also said the horse had not been contained for quite some time.

The horse was moved to another boarding location where it could be fed and watered, and deputies attempted to catch the three dogs. They were successful in catching two: a black lab and a collie, which were brought to the Humane Society. The third dog could not be found.